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Fifth Wheelers Travel – Times are changing, and with that so is the way people want to travel in this great big country of ours. Why compromise your lifestyle when you can travel with all the comforts of home with you?

Fifth Wheelers are the way to go when considering longer periods of travel on the road, no more cramped space, most have at least one slide-out and (sometimes as many as four), to give you the space of a one bedroom unit. Plenty of head room and a kitchen area to entertain your new friends that you meet along the way are just some of the many features.

So well equipped to ensure safe and pleasurable touring and much more time enjoying what you have worked so hard for.
Not to mention the safety and flexibility of driving and towing a Fifth Wheeler.

Fifth wheeling eliminates almost all swaying as the concept is much the same as a prime mover and semi-trailer but on a much smaller scale. Then you have the luxury of setting up your “home” detaching your vehicle with no need for another vehicle to use for your sightseeing etc. The correct choice of tow vehicle is however critical for the size of Fifth Wheeler you are considering.

What are the advantages of owning a Fifth Wheeler?

* Much easier & safer to tow - superior flexibility, easier maneuvering, parking, and turning.

* Detach and still have your vehicle to drive separately. (as apposed to motorhomes).

* Eliminates swaying.

* Spacious - room to move.

* Cost effective - compared to alternate travel options.

The suspension of the Fifth Wheeler carries most of its gross weight with the balance of weight distributed forward of the rear suspension over the differential rather than the extreme rear of the tow vehicle. Fifth Wheelers are reported to be more stable to tow and reverse than conventional caravans or travel trailers.


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